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Examples Of Clinical Decision Support - 1259 Words

Clinical Decision Support Ashley McMichael University of Cincinnati Clinical Decision Support can be defined as â€Å"providing clinicians, patients or individuals with knowledge and person-specific or population information, intelligently filtered or presented at appropriate times, to foster better health processes, better individual patient care, and better population health† (Wright, 2008). Like many different aspects of healthcare, clinical decision support has evolved with the creation of new technology. This evolution of clinical decision support in itself has and will continue to impact each aspect of Triple Aim. Four Phases of Clinical Decision Support Wright and Sittig have described the history of clinical decision support by breaking it up into four phases. These four phases are: standalone systems, integrated systems, standards-based systems, and service models (Wright, 2008). Standalone Systems Standalone clinical decision support systems are systems that run separately from any other system. The first standalone system was proposed in 1959 by Robert Ledley and Lee Lusted (Wright, 2008). Their proposal was the use of punch cards and an analog computer to predict diagnoses based on symptoms noted on the punch cards. This proposal led to the implementation of a couple systems that would make suggestions or diagnoses or therapy interventions. In the 1970’s the use of artificial intelligence began to be used in clinical decision support systems with theShow MoreRelatedClinical Decision Support ( Cds ) Strategies Essay1160 Words   |  5 PagesClinical Decision Support (CDS) Strategi es Name: Instructor: Course: Date: â€Æ' Clinical Decision Support is an important tool for clinicians, staff, patients and other persons because it provides these individuals with knowledge and information with the aim of enhancing health and healthcare. It encompasses various elements that make the decision making process more effective within the clinical workflow. They include computerized alerts to care givers and patients, focused data report on patientRead MoreGuidelines For Policymaking, Regulations And Strategies, Clinical Decision Support1421 Words   |  6 PagesFor policymaking, regulations and strategies, clinical decision support (CDS) provides clinicians, staff, patients or other individuals with knowledge and person-specific information, intelligently filtered or presented at appropriate times, to enhance health and health care. CDS encompasses a variety of tools to enhance decision-making in the clinical workflow. These tools include computerized alerts and reminders to care providers and patients; clinica l guidelines; condition-specific order sets; focusedRead MoreClinical Decision Support System Impacts On Healthcare System1286 Words   |  6 PagesClinical Decision Support System Impacts on Healthcare System TaeHyuk Hur Introduction The Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) is used by health professionals to help and improve the process of enhancing health care decisions to improve the quality of patient care. Under the approval of American Recovery and Reinvestment, there are many healthcare technologies are being into use such as Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE). CDSS is often integrated intoRead MoreNurses Usage Of Clinical Decision Support Systems992 Words   |  4 PagesLittle is know regarding nurses’ usage of Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSSs). Few studies in this subject focus on nurses’ adherence and engagement on using this healthcare information technology to ensure patient safety and delivery of the best care possible (Anderson Willson, 2008). Clinical decision support systems are defined as electronic systems (computer software applications) designed to aid directly in clinical decision making, in which patient’s character istics are used to generateRead MoreFinal Term Paper : Clinical Decision Support Systems1034 Words   |  5 Pages HLST 4330 – Final Term Paper Clinical Decision Support Systems in North America Submitted To: Professor El Morr Submitted By: Ramanjeet Singh 209 820 663 Christina Vecchiarelli 211 485 844 Date: Monday April 13th 2015 â€Æ' Table of Contents Introduction 3 Decision Support System Used in Case 3 What Decision Support Technologies were used? 3 Analyze the users and type of decisions involved. 4 Strengths 4 What are the major benefits of this DSS? 4 Analyze the requirements of the system andRead MoreA Research On Computerized Physician Order Entry777 Words   |  4 Pages1. Issues 1.1 Over-inclusive vendor designed clinical decision support systems Clinical decision support (CDS) systems are an important tool physicians have at their disposal for the improvement of patient health care, and safety. However, current CDS being used have often been designed to be over-inclusive in the alerts they generate, with present generation systems including alert parameters for thousands of drug interaction types for example [3]. These vendor CDS products include such informationRead MoreChallenge Facing Implementation Of Knowledge Management System1243 Words   |  5 Pagesto apply, the whole service system need to cooperate efficiently among member organizations and to clearly define system communication goals and system-level objectives. For example, hospitals are a very complex organization due to the heterogeneity of health specialists’ direction, the composite networking and the decision-making processes. Change, whether in management, ownership, or employee turnover, can lead to distress and thus create a barrier to KM at the individual level. Information overloadRead MoreEvidence Based Quality Enhancement And Healthcare1587 Words   |  7 Pagespractice also integrates current best evidence from research with clinical policy and practice. Evidence-based practice can be defines as an unequivocal and reliable attempts to ï ¬ nd the most excellent available research evidence to support health professionals to make the best decisions for their patients (Sackett, Rosenberg, Gray, Haynes Richardson, 1996). Evidence-based practice helps in clinical decision making. It also needs clinical expertise, which includes consideration and compassion as wellRead MoreEvaluation Of A Patient Care Application1725 Words   |  7 PagesProvide specific examples of each: patient care applications, management and enterprise systems, e-Health applications, and strategic decision-support applications. Patient Care Applications Patient care applications are one element of HMIS geared towards patient centric management. According to Tan Payton (2010) these applications are â€Å"designed to elevate patient care by providing the caregivers with relevant, current, accurate, reliable, and complete information†. An example of a patient careRead MoreThe Development Of Decision Making1238 Words   |  5 PagesThe Development of Decision-Making in Nursing Nursing is a profession that has traditionally attracted individuals who have a desire to help others and have an interest in the health sciences (Ruesink, 2012). In the complex world of health care, good intentions only go so far in terms of client safety, quality of care, and achieving the best possible outcomes, and that is why critical thinking, decision making, and evidence based practice are crucial to the nursing profession when acting on the

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Gender, And Sexuality Studies - 1285 Words

Shaviah Copeland Dr. Petter Cava Intro to Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 05 October, 2015 Male and Female Homosexuality Are lesbian more accepted by society than gay men? Acceptance amongst lesbian more so than gay men is one of the few of many discriminating factors that occur amongst the homosexual community. When it comes to homosexuality women has a better chance of being accepted by society than gay men. In most cases lesbians are taken less serious, people do not react to lesbians the same way they react to gay men. Studies have shown that gay men are more victimized by society than lesbians. It does not take much to notice the different ways society treats lesbians and gay men. Although, they have both encountered struggles from being rejected by friends to physical attacks or threats by people who do not believe in homosexuality at all, no matter if you are a lesbian or a gay man (Schulman, Sarah). In the perspective of society, two men being together is much more repulsive than seeing two women being together. According to the Pew Research sample of LGBT 19% adults describe themselves as lesb ian and 36% describe themselves as gay men. A large percentage of the LGBT community is gay men (A Survey of LGBT Americans). Double standards is one of the many reasons why lesbian behavior is more widely accepted than homosexual men. Men are held to a higher standard and society often set higher expectations for men than women. Society’s perspective of men is thatShow MoreRelatedSexuality, Gender, Masculinity, And Sexual Orientation991 Words   |  4 Pagesde-genderize sexuality, or to unlink sexuality, gender identity, and gender roles. As seen in various studies including â€Å"The Complex Negotiations of Gender Roles, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation† by Nagoshi et. al, â€Å"Does Nature Rule? A Sex Reassignment Tragedy† by Lindsey, and â€Å"‘I Always Felt I Had to Prove My Manhood’: Homosexuality, Masculinity, Gender Role Strain, and HIV Risk Among Young Black Men Who Have Sex With Men† by Fields, sexuality is often strongly associated to gender identityRead MoreGender And Sexuality : Article On Sexualised Insult Fag By American Teenage Boys1626 Word s   |  7 PagesBoth terms ‘gender’ and ‘sexuality’ are very common, broad and the meaning of it differs from person to person. Eugenically the term ‘gender’ is defined to have socially composed roles, activities, behaviours, and peculiarity that a given society considers right for men and women (WHO, 2015). Whereas the term ‘sexuality’ has various meanings, it is described as feeling or having attraction or having sexual thoughts and preferences towards same sex or opposite sex (reachout.com, 2015). This essayRead MoreGender And Sexuality As A Category For Historical Analysis877 Words   |  4 Pageshave provided many discussions over the topic of gender and sexuality. However, one needs to ask themselves: Are these two topics, gender and sexuality, useful as a category for historical analysis? The articles written by both Joan W. Scott and Afsaneh Najmabadi, answer such a question. By critically examining and assessing their t wo article, can the usefulness of gender and sexuality as a category for historical analysis be proven. In â€Å"Gender: A Useful Category of Historical Analysis,† Joan WRead MoreConflicting Paradigms On Gender And Sexuality1453 Words   |  6 PagesAriella Melamed Professor Salerno SYG 1000 September 30th, 2016 Conflicting Paradigms on Gender and Sexuality in Rap Music: Review Introduction: The article I am researching and analyzing is â€Å"Conflicting Paradigms on Gender and Sexuality in Rap Music: A Systematic Review† written by Denise Herd. This article was published in the academic journal â€Å"Sexuality and Culture†, on July 1st, 2000. This article is centered around rap music with its social and cultural significance for youth audiences, allRead MorePerception Of Sexuality And Identity With A Special Focus On Transgender And Transsexuals1131 Words   |  5 PagesTITLE: Perception Of Sexuality And Identity With A Special Focus On Transgender And Transsexuals INTRODUCTION: Sexuality can be primarily defined as an individual’s â€Å"capacity for sexual feelings† (OpenStax College, 2012. Pp. 270). On the other hand identity, in this case, gender identity is â€Å"a person’s self-conception of being either male or female based on his or her association with the feminine of masculine gender roles† (OpenStax College, 2012. Pp. 262). People may be discriminated and be victimisedRead MoreRelationship Values Between Gender And Sexuality Essay1181 Words   |  5 PagesRelationship values between gender and sexuality Gender is known as the set of expectations and norms linked to how men and women, and boys and girls, should act. Sexuality which refers to the biological characteristics that define men and women. Relationship values are what you believe in and morals that you hold important to you so you can live your life to the fullest. Your values are based on what you have experienced through your life and what you have learned over the years. Gender and sexual identityRead MoreGender And Sexual Attitudes And Behavior1520 Words   |  7 Pagesculture it is certain there are gender dissimilarities in the topic of sexuality. Over time scholarly work has proved an abundant amount of different components correlating to the difference in sexuality resulting in the distinctions of sexual behaviors as well as attitudes among males and females. Difference in sexual attitudes and behavior can be seen between genders across various studies. This research study indicates the differences in sexuality a ccording to gender. It is known that most malesRead MoreGender, Sex, And Sexuality1363 Words   |  6 PagesJones Mr.DiGulio Honor Freshman English-3 26 April 2016 Gender, Sex, and Sexuality Gender, sex, and sexuality are not new concepts in today’s society. These three terms have been around for a long time, but they have only just started to surface and be taught and understood by the nation. Slowly society is learning that sex does not determine one’s sexual orientation and gender and who you are is nothing to be ashamed about. A person’s sexuality has been with them ever since and before they were bornRead MoreThe Nature And Nurture Of The Human Sexuality932 Words   |  4 Pagesand nurture of the human Sexuality has been a debate argued among scientists and philosophers. It is believed that human sexuality is the key to reproduction and survival. This debate is concerned with the extent to which particular aspects of behaviour reflects the influence of genetically arranged maturity or wether it comes from learning and experience. This essay will explain to what extent human sexuality is the result of nature or nurture, it will also relate sexuality to the BiopsychosocialRead MoreGay Marriage And Its Slow Progression Of Acceptance1441 Words   |  6 Pagesacceptance in society, sexuality is a subject that plays a huge role in daily life and is becoming a common and prominent theme in society as more time passes. According to the American Psychological Association, sexual orientation refers to the sex or sexual interest to whom one is sexually and romantically attracted to. Heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality are the three mostly familiar categories of sexual orientation for a typical person, and these sexualities make up for 98.9% of the

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Internal Bullying And Its Effects On Society - 847 Words

Insulating factors Four distinct groups of perpetration and victimization are recognized: -Bullies or pure bullies: individuals who take part in bullying behavior towards other individuals. -Victims or pure victims: individuals who are targeted with bullying. -Bully-victims: individuals that are bullies and victims within the same time period. -Non-involved: those who are neither bullies nor victims. The Health Behavior in School-aged Children (HBSC) Survey reported on U.S. adolescents in grades 6-10. -The survey concluded that 56% of adolescents had been involved (either as the bully, victim, or both) in verbal bullying. -51.4% of adolescents were involved in relational bullying. -20.8% of adolescents were involved in physical bullying. -13.6% were involved in cyber bullying. It has been consistently found that boys are more likely to be involved physical and verbal bullying and girls to be involved in relational bullying. (Iannotti, Wang 2012) Wang, J., Iannotti, R. (2012). Bullying among U.S. adolescents. Prevention Researcher, 19(3), 3-6. How To Talk About Bullying Help Kids Understand Bullying Educating adolescents on what bullying is helps them to better identify it. -Encourage adolescents to speak to an adult that they trust if they are being bullied or witness bullying -Tell adolescents to help kids who are being bullied by helping them or showing kindness toward them. According to research children look up to their caregivers for advice/ help soShow MoreRelatedHow Social Media Improved Communication? Essay876 Words   |  4 Pagesgrowing very rapidly. It changes and affects each person in a different way, or ways. Some may argue that social media has a bad influence on children and young adults, and that it negatively effects their brains, character, or personalities, while most people see that the social media has a more positive effect on them than a negative one. Moreover, social media has helped many people around the world to connect, or re-connect, with each other, easily. Social media is basically the new way of keepingRead MoreSocial Norms And Its Effect On Society957 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Several individuals within society typically follow social guidelines that they are unaware of performing. Social guidelines such as stopping at a red light or saying thank you when someone has done something for you. These social guidelines or norms give society a script to follow regarding their behavior and actions. Although norms are the acceptable actions and behaviors that society is taught to perform, there are occurrences where individuals stray away from this in which they areRead MoreCauses of Homophobic Bullying1551 Words   |  6 Pagescouncilman from Fort Worth, Texas. During an otherwise ordinary city council meeting, Burns took the opportunity to raise an issue that has been tormenting kids and adults around the world: bullying. Yet Burns is not referring to any bullying. What Burns addresses in his speech, called It Gets Better, is bullying people who are gay, lesbian, or just different, (Joel Burns Tells Gay Teens It Gets Better.). The speech was powerful enough, an d with just enough personal experience interjected, thatRead MoreQuestions and Answer About Bullying, Types of Justice and Motivation1484 Words   |  6 PagesQuestion 1. Workplace bullying demonstrates a lack of which one of the three types of organizational justice? Question 2 What aspects of motivation might workplace bullying reduce? For example, are there likely to be effects on an employee’s self-efficacy? If so, what might those effects be? Workplace bullying demonstrates a lack of which one of the three types of organizational justice? According to Jerald Greenberg, organizational justice is refers to an employee’s perception of theirRead MoreThe Effects Of Bullying On The Workplace925 Words   |  4 PagesPressure / unwitting bullying – working to unlikely time scales as well as providing minimal supplies to finish the given task. Corporate bullying – a business manhandle with an exemption, knowing the law is feeble and work business sector is delicate. Organizational bullying – a blend of force and harassing happens when an association battles to accustom to evolving markets, decreased salary, a decrease in financial plans, forced desires, and other acute compulsions. Institutional bullying – settled inRead MoreAnalysis of Scenarios Relating to Workplace Professionalism1419 Words   |  6 Pagesprofessional bodies and by the public. The scenario given presents different situations that radiographers and radiography students may face in the workplace; the main issues are professionalism, continuing professional development and bullying at work. All these in turn have an effect on the level of patient care staff provide since staff attitudes and team-working do influence this. A profession can be described as ‘A vocation...esp. one requiring advanced knowledge or training’ (p2386, Brown, 1993, volRead MorePeer Victimization And Academic Performance1550 Words   |  7 Pagesquality of education academically, socially, and emotionally. Peer victimization has complex problems with low self-esteem, bullying, aggressive behaviors, internalization, and externalization problems. These peers blame themselves for not having the cognitive thinking skills and low academic performances, based on Basic Skills testing and other assessments. Signs of bullying other students can indicate depression, acting out, and easily distracted. Studies between boys and girls test the cognitiveRead MoreCyberbullying And Its Effects On People s Lives999 Words   |  4 Pageshave incredibly negative affects on people’s lives especially throughout the bullying culture that has sprouted from this stimulus. Bullying has rapidly increased since the introduction of mul timedia cell phones in the 90’s. Cyberbullying is the current problem and an issue that will continue to be current until we as a society stop it. There is a distinction between traditional bullying and cyberbullying and its effects are different as well. Cyberbullying has its own societal norms and its ownRead MoreAdolescent Depression And Its Effects1339 Words   |  6 Pagesmy target is to prove that depression in adolescents is a serious issue because it is evolving everyday leading to discouragement, internal conflict, and even suicide. To prove my point I arranged my paper by first letting the audience know what adolescent depression is and how is it taking place in our society. Then I provide four sections: analysis, cause and effects of adolescent depression, how the media contributes with adolescent depression, counterclaim. Each section explains or gives evidenceRead MoreBullying, Family Therapy Outcomes And Academic Performance?1668 Words   |  7 PagesAddressing Bullying in Schools Research topic: Bullying in Schools Research Question: Is there a relationship between bullying, family therapy outcomes and academic performance? Chosen Methodology: The Mixed Method Triangulation Design A mixed methodology is what I am using in the study. Mixed methods approaches consists of collecting both qualitative and quantitative data. The Mixed Methods Triangulation design is designed to obtain different but complementary data on the same topic to understand

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Object Modelling

Question: Discuss about theObject Modelling. Answer: 1. The case study that will be considered in our case is that of XYZ Airline Company. XYZ Company is aiming at providing a number of services globally in airline operations, freight transport, food production and loyalty programs. Therefore, this firm has a requirement for a new information system so as to support their daily operations. Hence, in our first assessment of objective oriented methodology drawing its definition it is pertained as a system developed that encourages and maintains the facilitation of re-use of software components. Hence, with such process, computer systems being developed tend to be made up of component basis that tend to enable effectiveness of re-using the intermediate components and facilitate the idea of sharing the components in other systems. Since, the objective oriented methodology is made up of six stages that are planning, business architecture, technical architecture, increment stage, design and building stage, and the deployment stage (Horne et al, 2009) having, effective consideration of such stages models the actions and data objectives rather than being logic. In relation to our case study 2, the objective oriented methodology could be pertained in regards to the issues of flight reservation systems, travel service reservation systems, human resource management system, accounting and finance system, and sale and marketing systems. These objects tend to have an impact to XYZ Company as it defines the role in the application of their domain in the airline industry. Hence, it tends to have some identity, state and behavior in relation to the actions that they will take. Therefore, the encompassing properties and values in behavior in regard to acts and reacts tend to be effective in analyzing and designing real world settings in the airline industry. 2. In learning outcome two, our focus is on XYZ Company in relation to study of system development life cycle. Therefore, system development life cycle tends to be a traditional system used by organizations for development purposes. Its framework is structured such that it is made up of sequential process whereby information systems are developed. At times when implementing new systems through SDLC eight stages must be taken under consideration (Everett et al, 2007). Compared to the past, developers used the waterfall approach in SDLC development, where one task was completed the work proceeds to the next step. In most cases, system development initiatives produced the objected results through team efforts. Hence, below I will describe the activities in each phase of system development life cycle in relation to case study firm that is XYZ Airline Company. First will be on system investigation where System developers professions tend to agree that most time is invested in the understanding of business situation that should be solved. Therefore, in understanding the technical options for such systems and understanding problems it is likely to emerge during the development process. Hence, this develops a greater chance of actual problem solving (correct) problem. If, we could relate this with our case study firm XYZ Airline Company, take for example the human resource system we are yet to understand than HRM systems tend to work on solving management problems. For instance, they recruit and train, conduct business administration, work on payroll automates, conduct performance records and appraisal. For such a reason system investigation begin with business problem. Problems and opportunities that need understanding from the internal initialization, but also making sure you see the organizational partners. Secondly is on system analysis where once projects have been approved, the system analysis of the new systems begins. System analysis tends to be the examination of problems so that plans can be developed to solve them. In this stage, the definition of the problem is done where problem is identified, specifics to the solution are given, and the identities of information requirements that the solution should satisfy. Therefore, in analysis there tends to exist three basic solutions to their business problems that is; doing nothing to the to the existing system unchanged, modifying the existing system and determining the best solution to purse in the determination of requirements for the enhanced systems (Grance et al, 2004). Looking at our case study, XYZ Airline Company we could draw the case of accounting and finance systems. The accounting and finance systems tend to handle financial transactions for the company. Therefore, in analyzing systems they company tends to offer real time information and control access across people for the purpose of billing, account payable, account receivable, fixed assets and project accounting. At times problems may not emerge due problem relations, but they may need solutions such as the change of management of training. Hence, system analysis tends to produce the following information that; the strength and weakness that exist in a system, the functioning that these new developed system has to provide answers to the business problems, the users data needed for development of the new systems. In system analysis it tends to be a description of what systems should do for solving business problem, but system designs tend to describe how systems accomplish the task. For instance, the deliverable in system designs phase is the technical designs that specify the following: How components should be integrated. System outputs, inputs and the users interface. Looking at our case study 2, XYZ aim is to provide a number of services globally through airline operations, food production, freight transport and loyalty programs. Hence, they need a new information system that work for their business purpose. If we could draw a good example of system analysis in problem solving the flight reservation system would be the effective method. Here, there is the idea issue of treating customers in different manners. Therefore, ordinary customers often buy cheaper tickets to save money, but frequent flyers require special discounts. Therefore, system design provides efficient strategy such that frequent fliers are provided with discount rates based on their profiles. Different from ordinary customers they should also purchase tickets through corporate credit cards. It is critical to enhance critical and continuous testing when trying to implement new systems in a business process. Testing also tends to detect existing errors (Everett et al, 2007). Therefore, identification of the errors assures that a program should be passed or not, whether it should run or not so as to put the results into incorrect output. Therefore, testing tends to be significant as it outlines the errors and prevents events of shut down in the business systems, or prevents the catastrophic events of information loss. In relation to our case XYZ Airline Company is working on having efficient strategies in the flight industry through development of new systems. If we could relate it with flight reservation system, they could test the program by looking at the number of frequent customer turn out in relation to strategies of discount rates. Therefore, if such a strategy has led to increased numbers in the airline and contains no error it could be passed and taken to the next step of implementation. Implementing is perceived to be the initiative of changing the old systems to new systems. Firms utilize several conversion strategies that is; piloting, phased, parallel and direct. Parallel conversion process, this is where old and new systems operate together for a certain period. The systems use the same data process at the same date and time and the output are compared. It tends to be expensive but least risk (Horne et al, 2009). Direct conversion is where old systems are cut off and new systems are set in place. It tends to be less expensive, but tends to be risky if the developed new systems dont work as purported. Here, few systems tend to be implemented through conversion, as a result of the risk involved. For pilot conversion new systems are introduced in one part of the organization, later the new systems are assessed after some time. If it works properly the system is then implemented (Horne et al, 2009). Drawing analysis from our XYZ Airline Company, new information of travel service reservation system, HRM systems, accounting and finance systems, flight reservation systems, sale and marketing systems can only be implemented only if they produce significant results. Therefore, we can only implement these systems if the levels of significance are high and the strategies turn out to be effective. After conversion is conducted, the new systems operate for a certain period, after replacement of the old systems it will tend to no longer meets the objectives. Hence, once the operations of the new systems in XYZ become stabilized, the firms audits are done to perceive the operations of the whole system and the emerging capabilities that determine the correct system. In most cases, systems require maintenance such as debugging, updating and new functionality (Lachance, 2015). In conclusion, the system development life cycle tends to come up with three major privileges that would be helpful for XYZ Airline Company; this includes control, maintaining accountability, and issue of error detection. Therefore, the significance issue on such system development tends to be that of error detection, where the more expensive it is the more correct it becomes. But on the other hand the process of implementing new systems still has disadvantages such as inflexibility, development of large enterprise application which consumes time, and insufficiency in replacement options. References Macnair, P. A. (2004).Life cycle: Birth, growth, and development. Boston: Kingfisher. Horne, R., Grant, T., Verghese, K. (2009).Life cycle assessment: Principles, practice, and prospects. Collingwood, Vic: CSIRO Pub. Everett, G. D., McLeod, R., Wiley InterScience (Online service). (2007).Software testing: Testing across the entire software development life cycle. Piscataway, NJ: IEEE Press. Grance, T., Hash, J., Stevens, M., National Institute of Standards and Technology (U.S.). (2004).Security considerations in the information system development life cycle. Gaithersburg, MD: U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Technology Administration, National Institute of Standards and Technology. Kissel, R., National Institute of Standards and Technology (U.S.). (2008).Security considerations in the system development life cycle. Gaithersburg, MD: U.S. Dept. of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology. Lachance, D. (2015).CISSP: The Systems Development Life Cycle. Molenaar, M. (2008).An introduction to the theory of spatial object modelling for GIS. London: Taylor Francis. Fowler, M. (2004).UML distilled: A brief guide to the standard object modeling language. Boston: Addison-Wesley. In Hudek, A. (2014).The object. Webber, N. (2011).Implementing models of financial derivatives: Object oriented applications with VBA. Chichester, U.K: Wiley. Keith, J. (2005).DOM scripting: Web design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model. Berkeley, CA: Friendsof.

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The Use of Psalms in Contemporary Christian Worship Perspectives and methods Essay Essay Example

The Use of Psalms in Contemporary Christian Worship: Perspectives and methods Essay Essay The Psalms have been a beloved. educational and spiritually uplifting portion of Christian worship since its early yearss. For many denominations the usage of the Psalms has become profoundly vested in church tradition. Recitations were. and still are. a familiar rite for many who adhere to the â€Å"traditional† formats of Christian worship. This. interestingly. is portion of the ground why Psalm use fell into disfavour in modern-day worship formats. The linguistic communication. subjects and ritual use in the traditional service did non transport the same meaningfulness to many contemporary-minded believers. The detonating genre of modern Christian music and composing have in one sense pushed the Psalms aside. More late. though. these creative persons have reinforced the significances and encouraged the use of the Psalms. We will write a custom essay sample on The Use of Psalms in Contemporary Christian Worship: Perspectives and methods Essay specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on The Use of Psalms in Contemporary Christian Worship: Perspectives and methods Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on The Use of Psalms in Contemporary Christian Worship: Perspectives and methods Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer In recent old ages the function and importance of the Psalms in modern-day worship have been reevaluated. Contemporary believers are being reintroduced to the Psalms in new. originative ways. Younger coevalss of believers are reconnecting with the cosmopolitan subjects written in the Book of Psalms. The importance of Psalms in both traditional and modern-day formats remains significant. Psalms in worship – a brief history The Psalms were an of import portion of worship even before the Christian church came into being. Jesus reinforced the impression that they were a gift of God. promoting their survey and usage in Judaic worship. Kortering writes that: â€Å"Christ himself made great usage of the Psalms. affecting upon his adherents that the Psalms radius of him† ( 2008 ) . The Psalms have besides been a beginning of comfort for centuries. â€Å"The Psalms have of all time been a response to these deep longings: calls of the soul†¦souls of surrender†¦paens of praise† ( Merrill. 2007 ) . From that context. they were incorporated into the early Christian church as vocals. readings or chants. Psalm vocalizing is a heritage instead than a tradition. They are widely considered to be an divine gift from God. At the same clip. some modern-day worship leaders have greatly diminished their use. Some of the Psalms speak to upseting subjects given the later context of the New Testament. As Kortering puts it: â€Å"From clip to clip the inquiry is raised as to the adequateness of the Psalms for the New Testament church†¦Some of them are about opposite the spirit of the gospel† ( 2008 ) . Some Psalms pray for stuff wealth and injury to enemies among other darker subjects. Others. nevertheless. are surging poetries about the grace. generousness and forgiveness of God. The Psalms besides prophesy the coming of Christ doing them all the more relevant to modern-day believers. As a organic structure of work. the Psalms are an facile and emotional contemplation of the human experience. They prompt the reader or hearer toward self-reflection and can take to a growing in religion if used in meaningful. non-repetitive ways. Contemporary tendencies Psalms may be used in modern-day services in any figure of ways. A antiphonal reading format is sometimes used to believers to interact with the curate. Harmonizing to Rienstra. â€Å"A fold calls forth his best gifts as a sermonizer when they interact with him† ( 2006 ) . The Psalm chosen might associate to the Pastors’ message. church events or even universe and cultural events. Along similar lines. dramatized readings. skits and video presentations can besides be used to do the Psalms semen to life for the believers. Given that the Psalms were written for singing ; they lend themselves to a broad assortment of public presentation formats. An increasing figure of modern-day believers are returning to the Psalms in new originative ways. Leonard notes that: â€Å"a wealth of Christian vocal in popular or modern-day manner. a characteristic of the Praise and Worship motion ; much of this music takes the signifier of Scripture vocals utilizing Psalm texts† ( 1997 ) . Contemporary Christian creative persons are accommodating traditional tunes and beats associated with the Psalms to make dynamic new anthems for worship. Psalm inspired music written for soloists. vocal jazz band. praise sets and congregational vocalizing are going more common. Many well-known modern-day creative persons are happening that the Psalms are a mature beginning for inspiration. Their subsequent use of the Psalms in new music has had an consequence on increased credence of their use in worship. Some folds are utilizing the Psalms in even more originative ways. An illustration would be a â€Å"Psalm Festival† . held late by a Calvinist fold. The festival featured the public presentation of Psalms in a broad assortment of ways. from chants to modern-day renderings to skits. The festival had a alone coming together consequence on the audiences and participants. Attendants were an even mix of older and younger. traditional and modern-day believers. Young people more likely to be modern-day believers were merely as enthusiastic about the festival as older. traditional believers more used to the use of Psalms in services. As one participant put it: â€Å"Young people in their busy lives as college pupils have merely every bit much demand to focus on their Black Marias and heads on God as older people† ( Graff. 2005 ) . The secret to the cryptic power of the Psalms may be related to their alone poetic format. â€Å"Poetry may claim a particular topographic point in our universe because it can sometimes force us beyond the simplifications we see every day† ( Templeton. 2000 ) . For brooding modern-day believers the beauty of the Psalms can assist re-awaken spiritualty and surrogate continued growing in religion. Analysis and decision Contemporary services are. by their nature. less bound by tradition. The Psalms have a long history of use in the traditional Christian church. They are used musically. but besides as rote. accustomed readings during services. For the early coevalss of â€Å"contemporary† Christian worshippers some of the meaningfulness and spiritualty of the Psalms had been lost along the manner. Some of the Psalms besides professed â€Å"un-Christian† subjects. doing modern-day believers uncomfortable with their use. Since the overruling end of modern-day worship organisers was to go more genuinely Christ-centered. the usage of the Psalms in services was de-emphasized over a figure of old ages. In recent old ages at that place has been a rediscovery of the power and spiritualty of the Psalms. They vividly illustrate human hopes. emotions and imperfectnesss. They besides praise Gods’ forgiveness. power and clemency. They prophesy the coming of a savior piece at the same clip exemplifying the demand for him. In those ways. the Psalms relate merely every bit much to modern-day believers as they do to traditional believers. They comprise a unambiguously written statement of religion and human infirmity that can be applicable to us today. BeginningsButtry. Daniel. 1988. Bringing Your Church Back to Life: beyond survival outlook.Valley Forge. PA: Judson Press. Graff. Alison. 2005. â€Å"Psalms Unite the Calvin Community† . 26 May 2008. lt ;hypertext transfer protocol: //63. 170. 204. 10/ipac20/ipac. jsp? session=1Y11775Q9K078. 8600 A ; profile=c A ; lang=eng A ; logout=true A ; startover=true # focal point gt ; . Kortering. J. 2008. â€Å"Psalm Singing: a Reformed Heritage† . Protestant ReformedChurches. 26 May 2008 lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. prca. org/pamphlets/pamphlet_37. hypertext markup language gt ; . Leonard. Richard. 1997. â€Å"Singing the Psalms: a brief history of Psalmody† . LaudemontMinistries. 27 May 2008 lt ;hypertext transfer protocol: //www. laudemont. org/pndex. hypertext markup language? MainFrame=http: //www. laudemont. org/a-stp. htm gt ; . Merrill. Nan. 2007. Psalms for Praying: An Invitation to Wholeness. New York:Continuum. Rienstra. Ron. 2006. â€Å"Singing. Stating. Preaching. Praying: utilizing the Psalms inmodern-day worship† . Faith Alive Christian Resources. 26 May 2008 lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. reformedworship. org/magazine/article. cfm? article_id=1066 gt ; . Swindoll. Charles. 1988. Populating Beyond the Daily Grind: contemplations on the vocals andexpressions in Bible. Dallas: Word Publishing. Templeton. John. 2000. Worldwide Worship: Prayers. Songs. and Poetry. Philadelphia:Templeton Foundation.

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Most Notable Achievements

Most Notable Achievements I'm tempted to take a safe route to answering this question and discuss my academic achievements at Carson High School. Academia has always been easy for me and I've enjoyed success in most of my classes, particularly in math and science. Subjects that are often hard for others come easily for me and I've enjoyed lab work, field work and tutoring. I'm the stereotypical shy, bookwormish type who memorizes logarithmic tables and carries a pocket protector.It's actually been more of an achievement for me to succeed at something outside the classroom, where I am often not as comfortable. I'm most proud of my accomplishments as a volunteer for the Shawnee Mission Summer Camp. I've volunteered there every summer since I was 14 as a counselor and activities coordinator. It was my originally mother's idea for me to become a volunteer. I didn't have any classes that summer and she thought it was a great opportunity for me to get outside and meet people my own age.Physical Therapy (album)She p robably was tired of seeing me spend 12 hours a day in front of my computer when I could have been having some fun at the beach or park. She kept mentioning something about "needing balance" and I knew she really wanted me to do it.I agreed to volunteer, but I was cautious about what I had to offer. The Shawnee Mission program is for disabled and other "special needs" children who need physical activity and recreational services year-round. Most of the participants have Down's Syndrome, although a few have Cerebral Palsy, spina bifida, multiple schlerosis and other degenerative diseases. It's an eclectic group of 30 children from 6 -18 who gather each summer to learn how to swim, camp, ride bicycles, hike and attend social functions.

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Managing The Supply Chain Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Managing The Supply Chain - Essay Example The project would also look at the production process employed by Colgate-Palmolive and the management and distribution channels. The importance of the end-user would also be examined in the paper. Colgate Procurement System (2013) identifies that the company uses a uniform and fair system of taking tenders and supplier application from producers. The company decides what to buy on the basis of quality and price offered by a supplier. The suppliers reliability, integrity, innovation and commitment to continuous improvement is a basis for decision making (Colgate Procurement System, 2013). Ethical standards are used to carry out the examination and evaluation of different suppliers. This include a number of standards and expectations that must be met by each and every supplier in the list of possible contenders. Once this is done, there are some guidelines that are used to by the Global Procurement Group to authorize a supplier. The Global Procurement Group of Colgate-Palmolive is made up of purchasing and logistic professionals from the regional units of the company. They use teamwork to guide their efforts. The group takes up tenders and quotes from suppliers around the world who fit some basic requirements. The quotes are presented to the Group and they examine and critique it. The company uses various criteria including positive discrimination techniques like identifying minority-owned suppliers and women-owned businesses. The group uses ethical business practices and high integrity levels to set goals and attain them. When suppliers are chosen, the company settles down to manage them through various technological and ICT databases and platforms that produce real-time information for decision making and guidance. Every suppliers contract is stipulated and given out to the customer when they join the supply team. The suppliers are monitored by the Internal Supply Managing the Supply Chain Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words Managing the Supply Chain - Essay Example There should be a complete realignment of the procurement system that will be followed for all raw materials, parts, and components. The activities that follow the procurement process apply to the purchase of goods and services in the industrial markets. These activities often cut across both functional boundaries on an intra-firm basis and organizational boundaries on an inter-firm basis. It needs the inputs from all the parties involved in the transactions. Hence streamlining the procurement system would maximize value for both buying and selling. The realignment of procurement system maximizes productivity by ensuring the production lines work in tandem with each other. There should be a complete integration of the inventory management and the procurement system to ensure an effective supply chain management. There ate four important purposes that are expected to achieve by the integration of the inventory management and the procurement process; they are: With the use of any readily available computer software the integration of the inventory management and procurement could be easily achieved. ... Integration of Inventory Management and Procurement System There should be a complete integration of the inventory management and the procurement system to ensure an effective supply chain management. There ate four important purposes that are expected to achieve by the integration of the inventory management and the procurement process; they are: (1) Cost savings in inventory (2) Control over the inventory (3) Reduction and control of production cycle time and (4) Improved customer satisfaction (Oracle) All the above purposes are considered the essence of an effective supply chain management and hence it is important the inventory management and procurement system of the company is integrated. With the use of any readily available computer software the integration of the inventory management and procurement could be easily achieved. With this integration the company would be able to procure materials according to production demands and the delivery time can be calculated every hour for an efficient movement and usage of stock. The company can monitor inventory information at every stage of the production cycle, including the required amount for a particular order, quantity ordered, actual shipping amounts, and delivery dates. There will be a possibility of reducing the value of inventory held at the warehouse. Production Planning System Introduction of an integrative Manufacturing Planning and Control System would ensure that the desired products are manufactured at the right time, in the right quantities, meeting the customer specifications and at minimum cost. The major elements in an integrated system include: Demand Management Aggregate Production Planning Master Production Scheduling Rough-cut Capacity